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Testimonals - We love Susan Lander


"As president of the Board of Directors of The Liberty School, it has been my pleasure to work closely with Susan Lander. She significantly enhanced our grant writing success by helping us identify potential grantors and creating a plan for approaching them effectively. Susan also helped us identify and reach out to potential corporate and individual contributors at year end. She is an excellent organizer and moves you quickly through a To Do list."

                                                                                                         - Robert Harrington                                                                                                                                  "Susan Lander's mentorship and non-profit expertise has elevated our organization to the next level. Her guidance has allowed us to more than double our current budget and staff which in turn has increased our outreach, scope and target goals. An investment in her services is smart strategic planning. If you're interested in creating a successful, thriving organization, Susan is a must".


                                     - Sarah Syverson, Montezuma School to Farm Project Director


"Today's workshop emboldened, encouraged and enlightened me. Thank you and Deanna for sharing your experience and insights with us all. You conveyed the information with humor and empathy - it took on a deeper sense of truth to hear it from two veteran non-profit leaders."


                            - Elizabeth Testa, Executive Director, Durango Education Foundation


"The workshop gave me the courage to be fearless."


                                       - Suzette Collard, Administrative Director, the Liberty School


"Bear Smart Durango is a small non-profit in the process of becoming a sustainable organization. In doing so, we were fortunate to begin working with Lander & Associates last fall. Why we hadn't utilized someone with Susan's skill set earlier is frankly, dumfounding. Her guidance, expertise, depth, creativity and passion for creating community had been invaluable in moving our organization forward. That she is such an uplifting presence and joy to work with in simply a bonus."


                                            - Bryan Peterson, Executive Director, Bear Smart Durango


"The workshop was a jumpstart for me and our organization."


                           - Terri Gasaway, Founder & Executive Director, Stillwater Foundation




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